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Nizomiy nomidagi
Nabiyeva Mahliyo


Modern world of emerging trends in technology, everything is flexible, especially the teaching of English language. Methods of teaching English language have developed rapidly over the past forty years. So it is important that language learners as well as teachers adopt and understand the various techniques of language teaching and upgrade themselves of the same. Teachers teaching English at various grades must also be able to adapt themselves to the needs of the young minds and how in turn will help to bring about drastic changes in the society. According to academic research, linguists have demonstrated that there is not one single best method to teach English language and that no one teaching method is inherently superior to the others. In this modern era of information and technology, due to rise in Globalization and Commercialization, English language teaching (ELT) has become an integral part of our educational scenario and occupies a pivotal position. ICT has become an essential part in our daily life because technology has brought in several changes. In the recent years English language teaching has undergone drastic changes with the advent of latest methodologies and techniques .As language teachers it is important to understand and adopt the various methods and techniques and also apply them in classrooms. Language teachers should keep themselves abreast of the current trends to create inquisitiveness among the pupil community and prepare them for the challenges of the future. In this paper we focus on choosing the modern techniques and activities that are appropriate for each particular task, context and learner with a focus on motivation and helping learners become independent and inspired to learn more. It also throws light on how technology can be used in English classes to make learning more interesting and fun for pupils. Use of technology in English language teaching In this age of Information and Technology, the use of Internet has brought many changes in teaching English. It is a highly useful tool which benefits both the learner and the teacher using it for many activities related to teaching and learning.

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