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Special attention is paid to the features of temperament that are manifested in the professional activity of a person. For a better disclosure of the topic, the article analyzes the most well-known theories of temperament, reveals the essence of each type of temperament and considers the professions that correspond to each type of temperament.</p> Мансурова Гульмира Рафаэловна Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-05 2024-06-05 12 6 1 5 MODERN APPROACHES IN LANGUAGE EDUCATION <p>The article focuses on the teaching of the mother tongue in general secondary educational institutions, modern approaches and their advantages in increasing the effectiveness of education, as well as on the development of students' speech and the formation of correct pronunciation skills. methodical assignments are also included.</p> Avezova Dilnura Bayramovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-05 2024-06-05 12 6 6 8 HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF MEDIASAVODKHANATE IN STATE BODIES <p>This purpose is the history of the development of mediasavodkhanate in the state body and the importance of today scientific and practical activities the main materials have been studied and recommendations of the competition for public services have been developed.</p> Mansur Yunusov Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-05 2024-06-05 12 6 9 14 ROLE OF NON-TRADITIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS <p>The article describes the properties of camel milk. The features of the composition of camel milk have been studied. Recommendations for inclusion in the daily diet are offered.</p> Saparova G. B. Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-06 2024-06-06 12 6 15 17 INNOVATIVE TOOLS AND PLATFORMS FOR MOBILE DEVELOPMENT <p>Mobile application development technologies were studied, advantages and disadvantages of these technologies were identified.</p> Urinbaeva Azada Bakhadirovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-06 2024-06-06 12 6 18 21 IMPACT OF PACKAGING MATERIALS ON THE PRESERVATION OF BEIJING CABBAGE <p>The scientific article analyzes the most basic factors that affect the long-term preservation of cabbage heads in the process of storing Beijing cabbage. Basically, in the process of storing Beijing cabbage, research has been carried out on the relative humidity of the air in the storage room and the storage of the product by surrounding it with various packaging materials. In the experiment, the heads of cabbage were placed in storage without wrapping in what material The Hecht was and wrapped in paper, parchment paper, and polethyline (Streich), and their effect on the qualitative and continuous preservation of CARM heads was studied.</p> Xakimov Rahshod Xolmiratovich Xakimova Mavjuda Baxtiyorovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-06 2024-06-06 12 6 22 25 IMPLEMENTATION OF ISLAMIC FINANCE INTO THE ACTIVITIES OF COMMERCIAL BANKS FOR STRENGTHENING COMPETITIVE ATTRACTIVENESS <p>The article presents the essence of the concept of a bank loan portfolio, the problems of managing the loan portfolio of commercial banks, their composition, the importance of diversifying the loan portfolio, proposals aimed at improving the formation of a bank loan portfolio and its management. An analysis is given of the views of scientists regarding the concept of a loan portfolio and its management. The tasks necessary for effective management of the loan portfolio are outlined and problems that impede this process are identified.</p> Fattakhova Munisa Abdukhamitovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 12 6 26 31 ISSUES OF DEVELOPMENT OF INTEGRATION PROCESSES IN DOING BUSINESS BETWEEN ENTERPRISES <p>This paper examines the issues of ensuring the balance and sustainability of the national economy, which require increasing the financial stability of the business entities operating in it, which require scientific research on the development of cooperation and integration processes between enterprises. On this basis, this work reveals the specific aspects of the development of integration and cooperative relations between business entities and entrepreneurship in our country, developed scientific proposals and practical recommendations aimed at identifying priority areas of business and business development, business strategies and the development of cooperative and integration relations.</p> Ergashev Alizhon Khodzhimamatovich Mamazhonov Fayzulla Abdusamatovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 12 6 32 40 DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR OF THE COUNTRY <p>The article emphasizes the importance of introducing effective socio-economic and organizational-legal mechanisms of employment based on the direct impact of agricultural development on the economic security of the country. Based on this, the paper provides conclusions and suggestions for the development of innovative entrepreneurship in this area.</p> Olimova Nodira Khamrakulovna Nematova Shakhlo Egamberdievna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 12 6 41 45 THE IMPORTANCE OF E-GOVERNANCE IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF SERVICE OF TAXPAYERS APPLIED STUDY IN THE GENERAL TAX AUTHORITY <p>The research problem arises due to the technological development in the field of business, trade exchange, electronic commercial transactions and electronic cash circulation. At an international level, the use of traditional systems in the tax accounting process affects the quality and quality of services provided to taxpayers. One of the most important recommendations recommended by researchers is that the tax system depends heavily on tax accounting and that its success requires a close relationship between the General Tax Authority and taxpayers, and this is achieved by improving the reality of the services provided to taxpayers and increasing their satisfaction with them. One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researchers is the need to implement e-governance, which contributes significantly to the development and improvement of services provided to taxpayers by providing a comprehensive information system for all taxpayers' data that achieves accuracy and speed in completing the tax accounting process.</p> Anwar Hashem Abboud Mohamed Nasr Hussein Al-Jayed Ameer Ageed kadhim Al-ardawe Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 12 6 46 58 THE USE OF CASE-TECHNOLOGY IN THE PROCESS OF DEVELOPING MONOLOGUE SPEECH IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CLASSES <p>The introduction of modern technologies in the process of teaching the Russian language has become an important aspect of modern pedagogy. One of the most promising methods is the use of case-technology for the development of monologue speech in Russian language classes. In this article, we will consider the advantages and consequences of using case-technology for the development of monologue speech in Russian language learners.</p> Махкамова Шахноза Ту́йчибаевна Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 12 6 59 61 THE OCCUR DEGREE OF THE BRONCHOOBSTRUCTIVE SYNDROME’S DEPENDENCE TO THE HUE OF THE REFLUXATE IN THE GASTROESOPHAGEAL REFLUX DISEASE <p>The urgency of the problem. Nowadays, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) holds the high positions according to happening index among the gastroenterological diseases. The diagnosing disease, almost is not difficult, because typical clinical symptoms of the GERD observed frequently in the clinical practice, for example heartburn, burp, regurgitating and others. However, typical forms of the disease are diagnosed much difficulty. Because clinical view of them looks like the diseases of the neighbor organs [1,2,4,6,7]. The broncho-pulmonary form of the GERD from atypical views is much observed. For instance, according to medical literatures one of atypical forms of the GERD reflux –asthma from 30 % until 90 % happens together with bronchial asthma (BA) [2,3,5,8,9].<br>According to our primary researchings among the atypical forms of the GERD, precisely, broncho-pulmonary type is progressive because we aimed during the research to define the immixture of register grade of the bronchoobstructive syndrome (BOS) with hue of the refluxate.</p> Yuldasheva D. H. Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 12 6 62 64 POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES OF GLOBAL TRANSHUMANIST THEORY <p>Globalization processes taking place in the social, economic, political, and spiritual spheres in the world at the present time are creating objective conditions for changing the value goals and, one might say, the destiny of the entire humanity in one direction or another. Therefore, finding a solution to the problems of eliminating the positive results of the theory of transhumanism – it is popularization, and its negative consequences - is being put in the center of attention of the world community.</p> Suvonova Umida Amriddin qizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 12 6 65 68 IMPROVEMENT OF INVESTMENT INSTITUTIONS IN THE FINANCIAL MARKET <p>The financial market is a structural, but the main and separate part of the general market of any country. However, the basis of the financial market is the market of real goods. At the same time, the financial market is manifested as a structure of the real economy and the commodity market, provides financial support and coordinates the commodity market and the economy, expresses the objective state of the economy in general and determines its development.</p> Kakhramonova Khusnora Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 69 72 THE CARAVANSERAIS DURING THE REIGN OF THE GREAT SELJUKS (1038-1157) <p>This article provides information about the caravanserais of the Great Seljuk period (1038-1157). The caravanserais of Rabati Anushirvan, Rabati Zafaran and Rabati Sharif in the Khurasan region, and partly on the caravanserais of Kirman and other regions were touched upon. Also, It is paid attention to the architectural tradition of Seljuk era caravanserais, in particular, the features of the building, such as construction materials. Also, constructions such as rabat, khan, zawiya, takya, khanqah, which are the equivalent of a caravanserai, and their functions are explained.</p> Rajapov Pirnazar Sardor ogli Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 73 79 THE IMPORTANCE OF FUNCTIONAL PROBIOTICS IN THE SOUTHERN ARAL SEA REGION <p>The paper uses the concept ofrationalnutrition, which основaffects the balanceof energy,satisfaction and needs of the body of foodми substancesами, режим, and the diet regime. The changein the normal composition of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract is primarily due to a violation of the nutritional structure. This is due лto the use ofantibiotics, poorым nutritionм, ageом,mi diseases and a numberof other factorsthat lead to нарушa violation of the microfloraы of the gastrointestinal tract.</p> Saparova G. B. Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 80 83 METHODOLOGY FOR STUDYING CHINGIZ AITMATOV'S STORY ABOUT “THE WHITE SHIP” <p>The work of Chingiz Aitmatov, the great representative of the fraternal Kyrgyz people, the favorite writer of world readers, is distinguished by a unique interpretation and high artistry of universal ideas. One of the factors ensuring the success of the writer's works is that at that time he raised pressing problems, was imbued with deep realism and high ideas of the nationality. The article discusses how Chingiz Aitmatov might study “White Ship”</p> Mubora Omanova Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 84 87 LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL PROPERTIES OF METAPHORS <p>Metaphor, like other linguistic units that bring together nominative and communicative goals, is a means of forming a linguistic picture of the world. However, this tool, unlike others, serves to create new concepts using pre-existing meanings in the language system. Therefore, a metaphor serves not only to ensure the existence of meaning, but also is a mechanism for the formation of this meaning and a means of transmitting it in the process of communication.<br>In general, the metaphor serves as a bridge from the known (familiar) to the unknown (unfamiliar).<br>Anthropocentric metaphors are metaphors that are directly related to the internal and external qualities of a person. No matter how colorful these metaphors are, they are based on a human being.<br>In the literature on linguoculturology, metaphors are put on a par with proverbs, sayings, analogies, which are considered the main linguistic and cultural units of the language.</p> Abdujabbarova Feruza Abdunazarovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 88 93 FEATURES OF THE ARTISTIC LANGUAGE OF THE WORKS OF TOGAY MURAD <p>The article talks about the features of the artistic language of Togay Murad’s works and the artist’s skillful use of the means of artistic language.</p> Allayorov To‘lqin Ro‘ziqulovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 94 97 PROFESSIONAL TEACHING IN PHYSICS SIGNIFICANCE <p>In this paper we have tried to highlight some modern methods of teaching physics, while our theoretical and practical work is aimed at guiding young students to a scientifically based profession presented in the literature, allowing them to develop high-level knowledge and skills. this science. Effective ways to implement educational methods are highlighted.</p> Sattorova Dilshoda Yuldashevna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 98 101 THE CREATION OF A MULTIMEDIA EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS AS A PEDAGOGICAL PROBLEM <p>This article covers the use of multimedia and multimedia in the educational process, the teaching of students on the basis of multimedia tools will be twice as productive and time - consuming, and the use of virtual stands in the educational process will increase the quality and efficiency of education and reduce spending.</p> Turdaliyev Sodikjon Muminjonovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 102 108 ABOUT SCIENCE PROGRAMS IN ACTION TO IMPLEMENT THE "4+2" FORM OF EDUCATION - THE HARMONY OF THEORY AND PRACTICE IN THE TRAINING OF FUTURE PHYSICS TEACHERS <p>The article discusses the current state of active science programs in order to implement the "4+2" form of education - the harmony of theory and practice in the training of future physics teachers. Information is provided on how science programs should be structured in order to harmoniously carry out the knowledge gained during the period of theory and professional practice.</p> Toshmatova Ziroatkhan Esanovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 109 116 CAPABILITIES OF MODERN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES <p>This article discusses the history and evaluation of modern programming languages, the advantages of programming languages today.</p> Shirinov Feruzjon Shuxratovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 117 124 IMPROVING METHODOLOGICAL TRAINING IN DISTANCE EDUCATION <p>The article presents proposals on the pedagogical basis for improving methodological training in the context of Distance Education.</p> Kamalov Azamat Farkhadovich Jumankuziev Uktamjon Utkirjon ugli Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 125 131 THE IMPORTANCE OF USING INTERACTIVE TECHNIQUES IN TEACHING MATHEMATICS <p>This article shows the effective aspects of the use of innovative methods in mathematics lessons, the state of integration between disciplines, the possibilities of information and communication technologies in the creation of innovative methods. The article also recommended techniques” advertising“,” rainbow Polish“,” double fingers“, innovatsoin” Krassvord".</p> Mahmudova Ozoda Yuldashevna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 132 139 THE ROLE OF MODERN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN THE MANAGEMENT OF THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS <p>This article revolutionizes the educational process in the digital age today by ensuring that information technology uses large resources and increases cooperation between students and teachers. In pedagogical education, from online educational platforms to interactive teaching tools, technology makes learning more interesting and accessible to students of all ages and all ages.</p> Turdaliyev Sodikjon Muminjonovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 140 146 EXPERIMENTS ON INTERACTIVE METHODS AND DIGITIZATION OF LESSONS IN HEIS <p>In this article, the characteristics of the educational process in higher educational institutions, as well as the importance of universities in society and economy are changing rapidly. All over the world, universities are competing with each other to attract students, teachers and financial resources. In such a competition, higher education institutions that keep up with the times and use new digital opportunities are gaining an advantage over others.</p> Najmiddinov Faxriddin Obidovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 147 153 OPPORTUNITIES OF COMPUTER GRAPHICS APPLICATIONS IN THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS <p>This paper describes the use of Real Time graphic applications as educational tools, specifically oriented to working with people who have certain learning difficulties. We first focus on identifying the most relevant traits (from a psychological point of view) of those disorders, then we continue by analysing the advantages of graphics in Real Time in this context, and how they can be used to complement the conventional teaching methods.</p> Shirinov Feruzjon Shuxratovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 154 162 IMPROVED UNDERSTANDING OF RISKS AND THEIR TYPES <p>Risks can come from a variety of sources, including uncertainty in international markets, political instability, threats of project failure (at any stage of design, development, production or maintenance life cycle), legal obligations, credit risk, accidents, natural causes and disasters. a deliberate attack by an enemy or an event of uncertain or unpredictable root cause.</p> Kakhramonova Khusnora Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 163 165 IMPROVING CURRENCY POLICY IN UZBEKISTAN <p>Monetary policy is very important for the country's financial strategy and its implementation. Monetary policy itself is related to financial policy, the modern financial and monetary system of monetary policy, new innovative trends observed in the global monetary system, the impact on economic growth and recommendations aimed at its improvement are given.</p> Kakhramonova Khusnora Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 166 169 EFFECT OF BRAND IMAGE ON YOUNG CUSTOMERS IN DEVELOPING ECONOMIES <p>The following paper explores the influence of brand image on young consumers in developing economies. The topic has been discussed from theoretical and empirical perspectives depending on secondary sources from different published papers and journals. While scrutinizing the impact of brand image on young customers in several developing nations, the factors that might contribute to shaping the brand image, dimensions that form a brand image in the minds of consumers, the effect of culture, and the connection between brand image and brand loyalty as well have been examined. The research examines the impact of brand image on young consumers in several developing countries from different parts of the world which is an interesting field to be explored since these developing economies have a considerable population of young customers who can be a great source of benefit to the local and foreign brands due to having strong buying power.</p> Ahmad Farid Jamali Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-08 2024-06-08 12 6 170 176 WAYS TO FIGHT AGAINST COMPUTER CRIME <p>Combating cybercrime requires a comprehensive approach. Given that technical measures alone cannot prevent crime, law enforcement agencies need to improve the effective investigation and punishment of cybercrime. In this thesis, comprehensive approaches to combating cybercrime are presented.</p> Haydarov Elshod Dilshod ugli Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-11 2024-06-11 12 6 177 179 INGLISH LANGUAGE NEEDS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS <p>The work of an English teacher at a medical university is faced with various types of teaching activities. The most of them may require the use of well-organized teaching methods, as well as innovative forms of education. The main task of an English teacher is not only to have pedagogical skills, but also to pay attention to the needs of each student when learning the language in the context of his future specialty. This study aims to identify possible factors of their language needs and effective learning strategies of English.</p> Buranova Dilafruz Djamaldinovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-11 2024-06-11 12 6 180 183 ON THE EXPERIENCE OF USING A BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE FOOD ADDITIVE IN THE NUTRITION OF ATHLETES <p>The development of ways to increase the biological usefulness of athletes' diets by using the protein source Nogliukin. The results of the research have established that in professional athletes, the use of dietary supplements for Nogliukin food normalizes the biochemical indicators of the nitrogenous components of urine and improves the digestibility of protein</p> Тухтаров Бахром Эшназарович Jibin Thomas Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-11 2024-06-11 12 6 184 190 IMPROVEMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING METHODOLOGY THROUGH MODERN PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES <p>This article reflects the reforms being carried out in our country, increased attention to our youth, and the programs established for the development of our country.Also developments of learning and teaching languages with the help of modern pedagogical technologies.</p> Khasanova Madina Anvarovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-11 2024-06-11 12 6 191 193 THE DEVELOPMENT AND FORMATION OF PSYCHOLOGY AS A SCIENCE <p>The development and formation of psychology as a science has gone through several key stages: 1. The Ancient period, 2. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance, 3. Modern Times, 4. The XIX century - the formation of psychology as an independent science.</p> Baxtiyorova Umida Ulug‘bek qizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 194 196 INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES IN DEVELOPING THE PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE OF FUTURE TEACHERS <p>This article explores the impact of international experiences on the development of professional competence among future teachers. Drawing upon a review of literature and case studies, it examines the various dimensions of international experiences, including cultural immersion, pedagogical exchange, and cross-cultural communication. The article also investigates the challenges and benefits associated with such experiences, providing insights for educational institutions and policymakers aiming to enhance teacher preparation programs. Ultimately, it underscores the significance of international experiences in shaping well-rounded and culturally competent educators poised to meet the diverse needs of today's classrooms.</p> Mo'minova Dilnavoz Komilovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 197 200 FORMATION OF THE WORLDVIEW OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS BASED ON THE WORKS OF EASTERN THINKERS <p>This study investigates the formation of the worldview of elementary school students through exposure to the works of Eastern thinkers. Drawing from the rich philosophical traditions of the East, including but not limited to Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, the research examines how concepts and teachings from these traditions influence the perspectives and beliefs of young learners. Through qualitative analysis of classroom interactions, assignments, and reflections, the study explores the impact of Eastern philosophical ideas on students' understanding of self, society, and the world around them. The findings shed light on the potential of integrating Eastern philosophies into elementary education to foster holistic development and cultural awareness among students.</p> Tahirova Madinabonu Umidjon kizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 201 204 STRATEGIES FOR DEVELOPING PERSONAL QUALITIES OF FUTURE TEACHERS BASED ON “THE LIFELONG LEARNING” CONCEPT <p>This study explores strategies for cultivating the personal qualities of future teachers through the lens of the lifelong learning concept. Lifelong learning is essential for educators to continually adapt to the evolving demands of the education landscape. The paper examines key qualities such as adaptability, resilience, curiosity, and empathy, which are crucial for effective teaching in diverse contexts. Drawing on theoretical frameworks and practical approaches, the study suggests various strategies to foster these qualities in pre-service teachers. These strategies encompass experiential learning, mentorship programs, reflective practices, and interdisciplinary collaboration. By integrating these strategies into teacher education programs, institutions can better prepare future educators to thrive in dynamic educational environments and contribute positively to student learning outcomes.</p> Khakimova Nargiza Supkhanovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 205 208 USE OF CREATIVE EDUCATION IN COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION <p>Computer science education plays a crucial role in preparing students for the digital age. In recent years, the importance of introducing creative approaches in the teaching of computer science has been recognized. This article explores the benefits and applications of using creative learning in computer science classrooms. By developing creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills, creative education not only increases students' engagement and enthusiasm, but also develops their ability to think critically and innovate. The article discusses various creative teaching strategies, such as project-based learning, coding with art and music, and design thinking, and highlights their impact on student learning outcomes. Integrating creative learning into computer science education has the potential to produce a new generation of computer scientists who are not only technically competent, but also imaginative and flexible.</p> Madrakhimova Makhfuza Akhmedovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 209 21 METHODOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENT OF COMPETENCE OF FUTURE PEDAGOGUES IN THE USE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES <p>The integration of digital technologies into education has changed the landscape of teaching and learning and has necessitated the upgrading of educators' skills in the effective use of these tools. This article presents a comprehensive methodology for developing future educators' digital technology competence. The methodology includes a holistic approach that combines theoretical foundations, practical training and continuous professional development. The proposed methodology is aimed at equipping future pedagogues with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective use of digital technologies in educational institutions.</p> Zohidova Makhfuza Khabibovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 214 221 METHODOLOGY OF USING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES IN TEACHING COMPUTER SCIENCE <p>Digital technologies have revolutionized computer science education, offering new opportunities to enhance learning experiences and develop computational thinking skills. This scientific article presents a comprehensive methodology for the effective integration of digital technologies in the teaching of computer science. The methodology includes core components such as curriculum design, instructional strategies, assessment practices, and professional development to support teachers in using digital tools and platforms. By using this methodology, teachers can create an engaging and interactive learning environment that prepares students for the challenges of the digital age.</p> Makhfuza Khabibovna Zohidova Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 222 228 TEXT CRITERIA AND TEXT TYPES TO IMPROVE STUDENTS' READING LITERACY <p>This small study examines the theoretical and practical aspects of reading literacy. The foreign material was studied and experiments were conducted on it. In the experience, it became clear that the importance of the text in improving the reading literacy of the students, and the purposeful assignments are important. In the article, the criteria for writing texts to improve their literacy and the reading skills of students who worked on creating different texts will be raised to a higher level, what types of texts should be downloaded for test tasks, the criteria that should be followed when completing the text and the principles are explained.</p> Shakhlo Naralieva Normuminova Dilobar Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 229 233 PROMOTING CULTURAL DIVERSITY THROUGH MULTICULTURAL ART EDUCATION: A COLLABORATIVE APPROACH <p>This article explores the collaborative approach to multicultural art education, highlighting its methods, benefits, challenges, results, and implications. It emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration among educators, artists, and community members in promoting cultural diversity and understanding in educational settings.</p> Achilova Dilnora Salijanovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 234 236 PROSE NARRATION AND CONTENT HARMONY IN ALISHER NAVOI'S WORKS <p>The following article is dedicated to Alisher Navoi's work "Khamsa", and artists over the centuries by various cases of clear prose. It is also drawn attention to adjust the interpretation of the works of changes in attitude to the works of art, the analysis of the level of understanding of the classical works of the reader.</p> Ozoda Tojiboyeva Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 237 240 QUALITY EDUCATION IN THE TEACHING OF FINE ARTS <p>This article analyzes a number of knowledge and skills that serve to increase the effectiveness of fine art classes in secondary schools, and also provides an extensive analysis and some recommendations on ways and means to increase the interest of schoolchildren in the fine arts, further develop their creative abilities, quickly develop desires and hobbies painting, the tasks facing the teacher, who occupies the main place in these processes.</p> Roza Sadikova Ismailovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-12 2024-06-12 12 6 241 243 THE IMPACT OF DIGITAL CULTURE ON IRAQI FAMILY SOCIAL LIFE: ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES <p>The study of the impact of digital culture on the social life of Iraqi families and its advantages and disadvantages aims to understand the nature of digital culture in the digital age and to identify events and areas that influence individual culture, especially family culture. The main conclusions drawn by the researchers are: Digital culture provides fast and convenient access to a variety of information and resources, improving the education and knowledge level of family members. Social media and digital applications have improved communication between family members at home and abroad, making it easier to share photos, videos, and important events. Based on these conclusions, the researchers recommend a survey: A comprehensive survey could be launched to understand the impact of digital culture on the social life of Iraqi families.</p> Raad Dakhil Awad Al Douri Enas Mahmoud Abdullah Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 244 256 IMPACT OF INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN CRITERION (IRR) AND MODIFIED INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN CRITERION (MIRR) ON INVESTMENT DECISIONS: EVIDENCE FROM FOREIGN COMPANIES INVESTING IN THE IRAQI ENVIRONMENT <p>The purpose of this study is to investigate the possibility of reaching international capital budgeting criteria (IRR and MIRR), to be more suitable for international companies in making investment decisions, and to indicate the equations for measuring the results of international capital budgeting criteria that contribute to reaching future cash flows and predicting them. The research sample consisted of analysts, investors, academics, financial managers, and those interested in the field of foreign investments and financial data analysis for all service contract fields. The researcher distributed (343) valid ques- tionnaire forms for analysis, and the form included a set of paragraphs and questions whose data were collected and classified using the statistical program (SPSS vr. 24). The study concluded that the international capital budgeting criteria (IRR and MIRR) prepared on the basis of discounted cash flows (DCF) are preferred measures in reaching the best investment decisions in the Iraqi environment.</p> Alaa Mohsen Shham Abdelfettah Bouria Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 257 271 IMPROVING SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS PERFORMANCE THROUGH FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION TECHNOLOGIES: THE MEDIATING ROLE OF STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE AND INTERACTION WITH STRATEGIC FLEXIBILITY-A CASE STUDY IN AL-NARJIS PIPE PRODUCTION COMPANY <p>This study aims to investigate the impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies on enhancing the performance of sustainable operations at Al-Narjis Company for Plastic Pipes Production, with a focus on the mediating role of strategic intelligence and the interactive role of strategic flexibility. The study sample consists of 100 employees from the company, with data collected using specially designed questionnaires. The Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies covered in this study include the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printing, and Big Data analytics. These technologies aim to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity in sustainable ways. The mediating role of strategic intelligence was examined by exploring how the company uses intelligent information in making strategic decisions that enhance sustainability. Strategic flexibility was studied as an interactive factor contributing to the company's ability to quickly adapt to environmental and technological changes. The results indicate that Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies play a crucial role in improving the performance of sustainable operations at Al-Narjis Company, with a strong positive impact from both strategic intelligence and strategic flexibility. The findings illustrate that using these technologies, in conjunction with strategic intelligence and flexibility, can enhance the company's ability to achieve sustainability goals and adapt to technological changes. The study recommends increasing investment in Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and developing the strategic capabilities of employees to boost efficiency and effectiveness in sustainable operations. It also suggests enhancing the company's strategic flexibility to keep pace with rapid technological advancements and competitive environment changes.</p> Manal Abdul Hameed Abdul Majeed Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 272 299 THE IMPACT OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY ON TRANSFORMING MARKETING STRATEGIES AND ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS <p>The study aimed to determine the impact of marketing innovation and technology on the marketing strategy and sustainable success of Asia cell, an Iraqi telecommunication company. A descriptive survey method was used, and questionnaires were distributed to the study sample, which consisted of (260) employees of Asia Cell, an Iraqi telecommunication company. After (250) questionnaires were retrieved and deleted, (6) questionnaires contained missing values, (4)) questionnaires were not suitable for analysis due to the inclusion of outliers, and (250) final total number was resolved. The study found that companies with high levels of marketing innovation had an arithmetic mean of (4.133) and high levels. In contrast, companies with high levels of technology had an arithmetic mean of (4.208) and high levels of marketing strategy and sustainable success. The arithmetic means of (4.087) was obtained with a high degree and a high degree. The level of marketing strategy reached a high arithmetic mean of (3.981) but was lower than the level of sustainable success. The study concluded that there is a positive correlation between innovative marketing and technology and marketing strategy and sustainable success. In addition, the study also highlights the importance of considering innovation and technology when improving the marketing strategy of telecommunication companies.</p> Omar Karim Kazem Hussein Shaima Mahmoud Taraf Jawad Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 300 321 WAYS TO ORGANIZE LABOR AUTONOMY IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS AND REDUCE INJURIES <p>This article discusses ways to improve occupational safety in sports and the educational institution’s gymnasium, outdoor sports field, as well as sports equipment and any additional equipment used in the classroom to meet safety standards and improve working conditions.</p> Jumanova Makhsudakhan Sattarovna Latibov Shokhrukhbek Makhamatyusup o‘g‘li Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 322 328 CREATION OF FEMALE POETS IN THE KOKAN LITERARY ENVIRONMENT <p>The article provides information about the formation of the Kokan literary environment, the life and work of poets who worked in the palace during the reign of Amir Umar Khan. Excerpts from works describing their life in the palace and their place in cultural life were interpreted. Some aspects of poets lyrics were analyzed.</p> Omonova Durdona Scientific Supervisor: Omanova Mubora Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 329 332 ARTISTIC FEATURES OF SPECIAL PARTS <p>The article analyzes information about the heritage of poets in the literary environment of Kokand, about the lyrics and features of the Chistan genre Jahon atin Uvaysi, his skill, that he enjoys the work of Alisher Navoi.</p> Omonova Durdona Supervisor: M. Omanova Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 333 336 ENDINGS OF NOUNS AND ADJECTIVES <p>The article describes the phenomenon of desubstantivation of nouns of adjective declension. It is shown that the linguistic basis of desubstantivation is the internal form of these nouns. The author examines occasional and usal desubstantivation, analyzes the structural-semantic varieties of initial nouns and adjectives formed on their basis.</p> Наврузова Фарида Назаровна Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-13 2024-06-13 12 6 337 338 SCIENTIFIC THEORETICAL BASIS FOR DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL CONCEPTS THROUGH EVENTS IN THE UPBRINGING OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS <p>Spirituality plays a crucial role in the development of individuals, regardless of age or origin. For elementary school students, in particular, nurturing their spiritual relationships at an early age provides the basis for a full and morally correct life. One of the most effective approaches to educating spirituality in these young minds is the teaching of events.</p> Xolliyeva Shaxnoza Raxmatulloyevna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 339 340 USING GAMING TECHNOLOGY TO ORGANIZE LITERATURE LESSONS <p>The article describes the game technologies used in organizing literature lessons, as well as how to use them.</p> Bekmirzayeva Mashura Supervisor: M. A. Omanova Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 341 343 EFFECTIVE USE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF PEDAGOGY <p>The advancement of modern pedagogical technologies has had a profound impact on the field of pedagogy, transforming traditional teaching methods and creating exciting new possibilities for educators and learners alike. This article explores the role of these technologies in facilitating the development of the science of pedagogy. It discusses the benefits, challenges, and future prospects of integrating technology into educational practices, showcasing the potential to enhance learning outcomes, adapt instruction to diverse learner needs, and foster innovation in pedagogical research and practice.</p> Turdiyeva Shakhidakhon Anvardjanovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 344 347 THE IMPORTANCE OF PLAY IN THE MENTAL DEVELOPMENT OF A CHILD <p>Play is a fundamental aspect of childhood that plays a critical role in the mental development of children. This article explores the multifaceted benefits of play, drawing on extensive research from psychology, education, neuroscience, and pediatrics. It examines how play contributes to cognitive development by enhancing memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, and how it fosters social development through improved communication, cooperation, and empathy. Emotionally, play provides a safe outlet for children to express and regulate their emotions, promoting resilience and psychological well-being. The review also highlights neuroscientific findings that demonstrate play's positive impact on brain development. Furthermore, the article discusses the implications for parents, educators, and policymakers in fostering environments that support and encourage play. Recognizing and preserving the value of play is essential for the holistic development of children, ensuring they grow into well-rounded, healthy, and capable individuals. This exploration underscores the irreplaceable value of play in nurturing a healthy and resilient future generation.</p> Soliyev Ilhomjon Sobirovich Axmedova Turg’unoy Sultonali qizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 348 351 WATER DEFICIT IN THE MAIN EDIFICATES OF THE KARAKALPAKSTAN DESERT <p>In the harsh xerothermic conditions of the desert, only a few species can grow without irrigation, so for phytomelioration it is necessary to select drought-resistant forage plants with high adaptive properties to these living conditions. These works should be based on knowledge of the biological and physiological characteristics of Karakalpak pasture plants, including their water regime, since the main limiting factor in plant life under these conditions is a pronounced lack of water in the soil and air. For this purpose, we have studied the water regime of the main pasture plants, such as black saxaul - Haloxylon aphyllum (Minkw), under natural growing conditions for many years (1973-2013). Iljin, oriental saltwort or keireuk – Salsola orientalis S.G.Gmel., saltmarsh or biyurgun – Anabasis salsa (C.A.Mey.) Benth., tree-like solyanka or black wight – Salsola arbusculiformis Drob., white earth wormwood – Artemisia terrae albae H.Krasch and curly spiny – Artaphaxis spinosa L.</p> G. Sabirov D. Sabirov Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 352 358 THE ROLE AND PARTICIPATION OF WOMEN IN THE ECONOMIC SECTOR IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY <p>This article analyzes the impact of women on the economy in the context of digital transformation, what challenges and opportunities they face, as well as prospects for further development.</p> Shermamatova Iroda Oybekovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 359 363 THE IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN PEDIATRIC PRACTICE <p>Information technologies in pediatrics have found quite wide application in various areas in the previous period of development (preventive examinations, diagnostics, electronic medical records, specialized registries). At present, the prospects associated with the transition to e-health and person-centered data integration are clearly visible. Electronic medical records, when built in a modular manner, will ensure the formation of various problem-oriented registers based on information initially entered once. Portable electronic devices used at home, with data transmission to processing centers and attending physicians, will allow for constant monitoring of the health status of certain groups of children and prompt response to critical changes in monitored physiological parameters.</p> Noraliev I. A. Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 364 366 ESCHATOLOGICAL MOTIVES IN THE SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL BY A. GOROKHOV “THE RELIANCE HERO” <p>The article is devoted to the study of A. A. Gorokhov’s novel “The Reluctant Hero”. The material examines the eschatological motifs identified in the novel. An analysis of the symbiosis of science fiction and Christian eschatological thought in the plot of the work is carried out.</p> Tatyana Djalalitdinovna Polatova Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 367 369 REDUCED VOCABULARY IN MODERN RUSSIAN POLITICAL DISCOURSE <p>The article describes the features of the functioning of reduced vocabulary in political discourse.</p> Aslbek Ergashev Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 370 373 POSSIBILITIES OF INCREASING MOTIVATION OF GIRLS WRESTLERS WITH THE HELP OF PHYSICAL EXERCISES <p>The article confirms the need to develop scientifically based physical education programs for students, which help increase motivation for regular physical exercise and help improve the health of students.</p> Murodaliyeva Musharrafxona Tohirjon qizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 374 378 RESEARCH OF STUDENTS' ATTITUDES TO THE VALUES OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION <p>The article presents the results of an anonymous survey conducted among students of the Kokan State Pedagogical Institute, which allows us to assess the real attitude of students from the faculties of primary and preschool education of the institute to the values of physical culture.</p> Murodaliyeva Musharrafxona Tohirjon qizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 379 386 STROKES TO THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PORTRAIT OF ZOSIMA IN THE NOVEL BY F.M. DOSTOEVSKY'S "THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV" <p>This article is devoted to the study and analysis of the literary hero, namely the image of Zosimus in the novel "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The image was considered through the archetype and psychotype, methods of psychological analysis of personality were used for analysis, including the theory of typologies by C.G. Jung and the concept of personality traits by A.E. Lichko.</p> Mustafayeva L.V. Ekabsons A.V. Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 12 6 387 390 PARENTHETICALS IN M. A. BULGAKOV’S NOVEL “THE MASTER AND MARGARITA” <p>This paper describes the formal and functional characteristics of parentheticals in M. A. Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita” and demonstrates the following functional types of parentheticals in this novel: parenthetical remarks, metalinguistic, metaspeech, metatextual, and communicative parentheticals.</p> Irina Yuryevna Kononova Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-15 2024-06-15 12 6 391 394