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Nathaniel G. Gido
Dr. Floripis A. Montecillo
Jose Gila
Dwight Clement Sudario


This article talks about William Blake's poem "The Tyger." The author's biography is included in order to give readers a better understanding of the poetry. This tale analyzes the subject and figurative languages of the poetry. Authors employ literary methods to help readers understand their thoughts, emotions, and viewpoints. Blake used literary devices to evoke the ferocious yet beautiful image of a tiger in this poem. The sections that follow discuss the literary devices used in this poem. The findings and conclusion are offered to wrap up the discussion.

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Nathaniel G. Gido, Dr. Floripis A. Montecillo, Jose Gila, & Dwight Clement Sudario. (2022). WILLIAM BLAKE’S THE TYGER: POETIC THEME AND FIGURATIVE LANGUAGES. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(7), 169–172. Retrieved from https://internationaljournals.co.in/index.php/giirj/article/view/2395


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