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Nozima Sulaymonova


In Khurshid Dostmuhammad's novel The Wise Sisyphus, figurative images are given a great meaning. H. Dostmuhammad's novel "The Wise Sisyphus", created in a non-traditional direction, combining artistic and philosophical thinking, brought a new stylistic change to our literature. In this sense, it is worth noting a subtle aspect of the artistic and psychological analysis of the writer's work. In particular, in recent years, the creative research of H. Dostmuhammad has a special significance, as it reflects the hidden world - the imagination of man. At the same time, first of all, the approach from the point of view of human values has become a priority in the artistic perception and expression of the world and man. In the works of art, he turned to explaining the importance of issues such as freedom of conscience, the freedom of the individual, the psychology of society. Second, philosophical psychologism is a vivid embodiment of creative thinking, which enriches and expands the principles of realistic imagery, based on symbols and symbols. In this case, new qualitative changes occur due to the creation of a series of moods, moods, psychological analysis

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