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Jericho D. Ecija
Reina Celine Sagales


The research study comprises a qualitative approach bounded in grounded theory and thematic analysis – a system of qualitative research that based on the data of the participants, the researcher will come up with the suggested principles on how to remediate the live experiences of the Mobile Legend Players who are also learners, and to give some collected data to be discussed as an authentic approach of comparing and relating the lived experiences of both study habits and the playing habits of a selected public school.
The importance of this study is to expose the fundamental truth about the experiences of the learners who are enthusiasts in playing mobile legends and how they can be affected in their academic performances. By the careful survey questions to be cared of the researcher, the progress of the study will be able to come up with the collection of patterns and relations from the responses of the participants due to the establish virtue of the thematic analysis. Furthermore, from the given set of data responded by the participants, by the virtue of grounded theory, the researcher will establish the guided principles in making the holistic approach of parental guidance for the enthusiasts in mobile games and to be well – versed for the solutions to make in balancing the time and effort of the parents and their children who are learners and gamers.
Leading them into a Paretto principle will make these enthusiasts in mobile games will make them holistically well in their personalities and characters to immediate improvements in their academics.

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Jericho D. Ecija, & Reina Celine Sagales. (2021). LIVED EXPERIENCES OF STUDENTS IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL ENTHUSIAST IN PLAYING MOBILE LEGENDS. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 9(6), 48–53. Retrieved from


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