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Dr.Sumanta Bhattacharya
Dr. Jayanta Kumar Ray
Shakti Sinha
Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev


Today there are 90 districts in 11 states that are affected by the Naxalite and are now under the security related expenditure scheme and we have seen a decline in the threats. The main reason behind the rise in Naxalism in India is social inequality, lack of economic growth , political crisis , unstable government and lack of development in the region , people are dying due to poverty , hunger and lack of health care facilities , cutting down of trees and taking away the land for development projects has a contributed to the rise of Naxalism in the India subcontinent . However with development taking place across the rural India , where people now have access to education , health care and employment provisions, we see a decline in the naxalite menace . People are now supporting the government with massive development and introduction of new policies and schemes , changing the climate . Development and Reduction in Naxalite influence are co related . We need to strengthen our border management security so that terrorist can’t help the naxalite groups in providing weapons and funds. Naxalite gets support from external forces which help them to conduct insurgency and we need to strengthen our security forces to curb Naxalism .

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Dr.Sumanta Bhattacharya, Dr. Jayanta Kumar Ray, Shakti Sinha, & Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev. (2021). THE GROWING NAXALISM IN THE COUNTRY AND THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT TO ERADICATE NAXALITE. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 9(12), 203–209. Retrieved from


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