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Zulfiya Shokirova


Organizational forms of teaching are activities that are organized by teachers and students in a specially organized manner and a certain mode. This or that organizational form of teaching is characterized by the combination of collective and individual teaching in different forms, different levels of student independence in teaching, different methods of teacher guidance for students' learning. The choice of forms of organization of education is determined by the educational tasks and depends on the content and methods of educational work. Teaching in vocational colleges is carried out in a system called the class-lesson system. When applied in vocational colleges, the classroom system provides for the division of students into groups according to their level of training, the profession they study, and for some professions - by gender and age. The composition of each study group does not change from the beginning to the end of the training. Classes are conducted under the guidance of a teacher on a strict schedule. The material to be studied is divided into parts, each of which has a specific purpose in the fall.

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