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Dr. Nabeel Farhan Hamdan Al-Khaldi
Dr. Mustafa Waleed Zghair


Recently, interest in green products has emerged as a result of the economic units’ awareness of increased customer awareness of using this type of product. Still, the economic units face a problem with the rise in their costs, and as a result, their price is high for the customer compared to the price of the traditional product, so the trend began towards developing traditional accounting techniques to be used to reduce the costs of green products. One of these techniques that has been developed is the (green target costing) technique, but before starting to address green target costing and delving into this topic, you must get to know the concept of the green product.

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Dr. Nabeel Farhan Hamdan Al-Khaldi, & Dr. Mustafa Waleed Zghair. (2024). THE SHIFT TOWARDS THE GREEN TARGETED COST TO RATIONALIZE COSTS ARTICLE REVIEW. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(3), 25–33. Retrieved from


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