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Agzamkhodzhaeva Shakhnoza Saidmatlabovna


The article analyzes the philosophical-Sufi concept of the mystery and secret writing of Alisher Navoi. Everyone knows that Alisher Navoi is a Sufi, a Sufi teacher, (who founded his own school of education for Sufis during his life, not only by his creativity, but also by practical multilateral activity, covering not only seekers, but the entire people). Secondly, after substantiating the fact that Alisher Navoi is a Sufi, it is easier to say that his poetry is Sufi. Facilitates the question of statements about Alisher Navoi, his philosophical system set forth in the works, his role and influence on Babarahim Mashrab, the formation of the "Indian style" in the work of a number of poets; On the comparison of Alisher Navoi with Petrarch, Dante, Leonardo Da Vinci in the fundamental work - History of World Literature, published in Moscow. 1985 In nine volumes, where in volumes 2,3,4 there are chapters dedicated to Alisher Navoi and those whom he considered his teachers. Thirdly, Alisher Navoi used the Abjad and Hisab ul-Jamal ciphers explicitly and covertly. Fourth, the presence of other methods of the hidden language on the examples of the analysis of individual gazelles and other works. Fifth, evidence of the presence of a hidden meaning is the statements of Alisher Navoi about his fear of being misunderstood or misunderstood.

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Agzamkhodzhaeva Shakhnoza Saidmatlabovna. (2021). PHILOSOPHICAL - SUFI CONCEPT OF MYSTERY AND SECRET SCRIPT OF ALISHER NAVOI. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 9(11), 250–258. Retrieved from


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