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Nazarov Kamoljon Karimovich
Rakhimov Mirzohid Matnazarovich
Yangiboyev Yashnarbek Zafarovich


Termites play an important role in the degradation of cellulose materials in nature, and special attention is paid to the activity and expression of termite cellulases. The purpose of the research is to study the cellulatic enzyme activity of termites. At the same time, the activity of enzymes from different parts of the body of termites was studied.

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Nazarov Kamoljon Karimovich, Rakhimov Mirzohid Matnazarovich, & Yangiboyev Yashnarbek Zafarovich. (2021). STUDY OF CELLULASE ACTIVITY OF TERMITES ON CELLULOSE DEGRADATION. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 9(10), 411–418. Retrieved from


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