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Ronnie Pangan
Jaehak Shim


Cause Related Marketing (CRM) communications were utilized by companies to demonstrate significant support for stakeholders impacted by the Covid19 pandemic. Even though there are many types of CSR communications, this research focused on CRM. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of CRM on customer intents to a) like/join the company's Facebook page, b) disseminate CRM activities through eWOM (electronic word-of-mouth), and c) make an inclinaton to purchase of the company's goods and services. The dependent variable that was compared to the three intents was CRM's company-cause fit. A survey-based within-subjects experiment of CRM x 2 (excellent fit / poor fit) was performed on active Facebook users aged 18 to 64 years old. Ten (10) pre-selected companies from the Top 30 Businesses in the Philippines were included, along with Covid19-related CRM Facebook postings. A questionnaire was used to evaluate the CRM postings after they were presented to the group (n=572). This study proposed models that are based on regression analysis and modeling that would advise businesses on how to perform CRM online communications more effectively in order to optimize investment returns, particularly during times of emergency like as the Covid19 pandemic.

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Ronnie Pangan, & Jaehak Shim. (2021). MODELS FOR THE IMPACT ON CONSUMER RESPONSES OF COVID-RELATED FACEBOOK CRM COMMUNICATIONS’ COMPANY-CAUSE FIT. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 9(10), 1–14. Retrieved from


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