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Kultayev Kuzibay Kazakbayevich


Acetylene alcohol and phenylacetylene allow synthesis of essential substan-ces for the chemical industry - synthetic polymers,pharmacological preparations, agricultural pesticides,defoliants, plant stimulants. This article investigates the synthesis of tertiary alcohols based on acetylene and fenilacetylene, determined the conditions for their high yield, the structure of secondary and tertiary alcohols, confirmed by physical methods, and determined the refractive index, intensity, boiling temperature, fluid temperature and yield. Alcohol molecules are polarized due to the shift of electron cloud density towards the hydroxyl group in secondary and tertiary alcohols. The structure was confirmed by IK - and PMR - spectra.

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Kultayev Kuzibay Kazakbayevich. (2021). STUDY OF THE FORMATION OF SINGLEATOM UNSATURATED ALCOHOLS FROM ACETYLENE AND PHENYLACETYLENE. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 9(9), 53–57. Retrieved from


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