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Shaxnoza Tangirova Xusniddinovna
Nigora Rashidova Davronovna


Pursuing higher education plays a big role in many parts of the globe, therefore, enrollment for universities has become even more compatible compared to previous years among school leavers. Due to the recent changes in the governmental laws in terms of education, it has become more practical to gain the maximum score for entrance state examinations in some subjects, particularly in English. In spite of this, providing high-stake exam instructions especially in rural areas is a serious issue, for instance, at school number 8, in Tashkent province, Akkurgan district. Moreover, instructors’ insufficient knowledge is another setback to prepare school- leavers to achieve CEFR B2. Our argument is that the above mentioned challenges could be best addressed by initiating effective teacher-training programs in line with preparing seniors to hold CEFR B2 in an attempt to increase the possibility of enrollment for higher education for candidates in far off destinations.

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Shaxnoza Tangirova Xusniddinovna, & Nigora Rashidova Davronovna. (2022). IMPLEMENTING TEACHER-TRAINING COURSES TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF TEACHING ENGLISH IN TASHKENT, AKKURGAN. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(6), 842–848. Retrieved from


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