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Mubashira Begom
J. S. Zeenath A.


The project entitled as “Secure E-Banking” is developed for the net banking users. There are number of users who purchase product online and make payment through E-banking. There are certain e-banking websites who ask user to provide sensitive data such as username, password or credit card details and personal information. They not only steal the bank information, but they will also take the money from the user and might steal the data to use them for future crimes. The concept used in this system is based on an end-host, the anti-phishing algorithm also known as link-guard algorithms. When the phisher sends the email or message to the user they can input the link in this algorithm, by evaluating the characteristics of the URL sent in that email it ranks how safe the site is and has various criteria that might put the threat at different levels. The Link Guard is based on URL characteristics so that it can detect and forestall unknown or new ones. This project is developed using PHP 5.1.3 as front end and MY SQL as back end

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