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Pandiyammal A.
Shyamala T.
S. Kulandai Teresa


The Online Voting System project is concerned with the various aspects of the electoral process. The main idea is to implement the. Paper process in mobile app. The current system has many manual tasks such as listing nominees, Voters, and counting the percentage of votes. In the proposed project all activities are performed as a Mobile Application. In the manual process counting is a time-consuming process as in the online voting system the counting will automatically increase. The list of nominees can be added very easily and voting is an easy way to click the Vote button Your counting will be added. This mobile app has voting issues for every voter to vote at once. In the event that an invalid person will not be able to vote. Elections allow people to choose their representatives and express their preferences about how they will be governed. Naturally, the integrity of the electoral process is the basis of the integrity of the democracy itself. The electoral system must be strong enough to withstand a wide range of fraudulent activities and must be transparent and understandable so that voters and candidates do not accept the election results. The design of the “good” voting system, whether electronic or traditional paper balloons or materials should satisfy a number of competing terms at times.

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