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Elavarashi M.
Shifana M.
Gayathri K.


The project entitled “ULTRA PROTECTION FOR FUTURE ENERATION WOMEN SAFETY”. The safety for women has turn a major issue as the day-by-day cases building up in all over the world. This proposed plan explains women’s safety and their security by using an plan to transmit alert dispatch, showing safe point & alert authorities. It suggest a stand-in view to use technology to guard women. In this scheme, an android predicated smart phone with an intertwined note that alert and provides point-predicated information. It hand nature-defence and SMS alert when a women is in trouble. Multiple cases remain mysterious due to short validation. So, unremitting showing the safe zone where, showing the victim safety tips, offline mode is a countless of the foremost useful features of this system.

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Elavarashi M., Shifana M., & Gayathri K. (2022). ULTRA PROTECTION FOR FUTURE GENERATION WOMEN SAFETY. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(6), 189–193. Retrieved from https://internationaljournals.co.in/index.php/giirj/article/view/2108


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