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Ms. M. Muthumalathi
M. Gayathri
D. Merudulaa
J. Nisma Fathima


A Sensor Network is a group of sensors where each sensor monitors data in a different location and sends that data to a central location for storage, viewing, and analysis. The fire accidents have damaged many areas and they are also a major threat to human life. Sensor networks technology is helpful to detect and monitor fire accidents occurring in Vehicles by electrical and electronic faults. In this project, the intention is to build a fire detection system for vehicles. The system extinguishes the fire using Sensor which would detect the fire with Gas Sensors and Temperature Sensor and thus value the fire and alert the authority by sending emergency alerts through an alarm using Sensor networks devices. This project is used for monitoring the hubs to monitor and predict fire using sensors and alerts the authority by the alarm to protect human life. .Here, the Gas Sensor and Temperature Sensor modules are used to predict and detect the heatness and emergency fire in the vehicles.

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Ms. M. Muthumalathi, M. Gayathri, D. Merudulaa, & J. Nisma Fathima. (2022). VEHICLE FIRE DETECTION AND PREDICTION SYSTEM USING SENSOR NETWORKS. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(6), 87–91. Retrieved from


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