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Marvarid Nurbaeva Tavakkalovna


In today's age of modern technology, the issue of education is becoming increasingly important. But the question of upbringing has always been a leader among the peoples of the East, and has never lost its value. Oriental education has a special place in the world. Didactic works on educational issues in Eastern culture are associated with the name of Mir Alisher Navoi. In this article, the ideas of humanity, skillfully expressed in the works of Hazrat Navoi, the relevance of education, the main issues of educating young people, the need to learn a little bit to gain knowledge, ways to achieve perfection, valuable ideas on education are expressed. found

Keywords: Eastern education, enlightenment, education, thinking, deep philosophical observation, interethnic harmony, work, scientific research, achievement, fruitfulness.

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Marvarid Nurbaeva Tavakkalovna. (2022). MAIN CATEGORIES OF EDUCATION IN ALISHER NAVOI’S WORK. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(6), 38–40. Retrieved from


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