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Mrs. A. Mary Theresa
Ms. Tabitha Maria
Ms. Tashita Maria


The “COMPUTERISED COLLOCATE PARTICULARS AND DATA OF THE DEPARTMENT” focuses on the collection, storage, and organization of the student's personal data and academic data for reference and future use.And the data stored in the database can be accessed in the website through links.This website is created as a visual display of the department's staff, student council information, the activities of the department, including to the student's data.This website contains hyperlinks which connects the data stored in the cloud database to the website and is made available for the viewers to access. In order to create a website that provides the best display features, provides an easy platform to edit, update and manage the website we have used “WORDPRESS” which is a content management system (CMS) that allows one to host and build websites.WordPress has a very simple user interface model, easy to navigate through the workspace, provides access to the features and adds them to the website, to make it more vibrant and user friendly. And the database of the website is a cloud database “GOOGLE DRIVE". Google Drive to provide an easy to navigate database platform and organize the uploaded data.


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Mrs. A. Mary Theresa, Ms. Tabitha Maria, & Ms. Tashita Maria. (2022). COMPUTERISED COLLOCATE PARTICULARS AND DATA OF THE DEPARTMENT. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(6), 7–18. Retrieved from


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