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Ubaydulla Nadirkhanov
Lola Sabirova


The Republic of Uzbekistan has historically been distinguished by high demographic indicators. In this regard, one of the priority tasks of the country's socio-economic development is the creation and increase in the number of jobs and employment of a growing number of the population. Creating new jobs and ensuring rational employment of the population, ensuring balance and developing the infrastructure of the labor market, reducing unemployment occupy a key place in the priority areas for the development of the social sphere of Uzbekistan[1]. In March 2020, the Ministry of Economy and Industry was transformed into the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of Uzbekistan. Its main tasks included: increasing the income of the population and reducing poverty by stimulating the creation of new jobs[2].As a result of ongoing socio-economic reforms in 2016-2021. the business environment in Uzbekistan has noticeably improved, the volume of attracted foreign capital has increased, the number of foreign investors has increased. As you know, foreign capital enters the economy of another country through enterprises with foreign investment, while one of the positive effects is the creation of new jobs.

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Ubaydulla Nadirkhanov, & Lola Sabirova. (2022). FOREIGN CAPITAL AS A SOURCE OF EMPLOYMENT IN THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(5), 412–417. Retrieved from


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