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Doniyorova Gulrukh Shoniyozovna


The main goal of the study was to outline ways of implementing rhymes in developing spoken fluency which can gain young learners interest toward the language learning. Many aspects support the use of rhymes in English language teaching. A few of the characteristics mentioned above already give an impression what the advantages of rhymes. Apart from the brevity and the amount of different topics it is a great medium for the introduction to text analysis and text production.Furthermore, the young learner gets into contact with new and topic-related vocabulary as well as with literary terms which are necessary for text analysis. So, the work with rhymes proposes a good basis for later work with more complex literature.

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Doniyorova Gulrukh Shoniyozovna. (2022). DEVELOPING SPOKEN FLUENCY OF YOUNG LEARNERS WITH THE HELP OF RHYMES. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(2), 752–757. Retrieved from


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