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Kamol Boltayev
Nigora Shajanova


At present, it is observed that the average survival period of the population increases, the relevance of the problem of polydeficitis (microelementosis) is recognized in the world. Of particular importance is the homeostasis of the most important hematopoietic factors, that is, the problem of storing iron, copper, zinc, etc.during aging. The study evaluated the incidence of polydeficitis in the elderly and the elderly with respect to gender. During the research work, 325 elderly (65-74 years old) and 65 elderly (75-90 years old) were examined. Analysis of gender differences in the elderly in the determination of various forms of anemia showed that these indicators are cultivated differently than kari age group indicators. It was found that iron deficiency in both sexes and iron deficiency in elderly people is more common than in other forms of anemia, which is accompanied by a deficiency of vitamin В12, and in the same group there is a significant difference in sex.

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Kamol Boltayev, & Nigora Shajanova. (2022). ANEMIA ASSOCIATED WITH POLYDEFICIENCY IN ELDERLY AND SENILE PEOPLE. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(2), 688–694. Retrieved from


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