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Ashuraliyeva Gulhumor Kahhorovna


During  embryonic  histogenesis  of  human  lungs,  early  morpho - functional  differentiation  of apudocytes is observed. In the lungs of young children with an inflammatory pathology of this organ, endocrine structures are detected with great constancy, and  their number  is  large. The  longer  the disease lasts, the more apudocytes and NETs are found  in the bronchi and respiratory tract. In large bronchi there are more endocrine structures than  in small ones. Inflammatory lung diseases  in early postnatal ontogenesis are a predisposing factor for apudocyte hyperplasia.

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Ashuraliyeva Gulhumor Kahhorovna. (2022). CHANGES IN THE HUMAN LUNG DURING THE EMBRYONIC PERIOD. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(2), 548–551. Retrieved from


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