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Abdusattor Botirov
Rustamjon Azamov


Sowing of seeds of technical crops is carried out on the basis of the following technology. Existing seed drills 2 open a ditch in the soil, compacting the bottom of the ditch with a compactor and preparing the seedbed directly for planting (Fig. 1, a). The ski in the sower seals the two ends of the 3 ditches. After the seeds had fallen into the ditch, they were buried to the required depth of 4 by loosening the shovel-compacted soil. After burial, the concave conical roller 5 presses the soil and compacts the surface by tilting it to both sides [1].

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Abdusattor Botirov, & Rustamjon Azamov. (2022). COTTONSEED SOWING TECHNOLOGY AND IMPROVEMENT OF ITS EXECUTIVE BODIES. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(2), 217–221. Retrieved from


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