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Zakirova Nigora Alimdjanovna


The article examines the key position of  linguistic representation of the concepts heaven and hell. Observations on the compatibility of the word “Heaven” and “Hell”  have revealed all the variety of its connotations and allowed to model its conceptual fields. It is shown that, being a key concept of the religious picture of the world, the concepts of Heaven and Hell becomes an object of study not only for religious scholars and philosophers, but also for linguists. Various approaches to the consideration of this concept and its place in the linguistic picture of the world have determined its multi-aspect, as well as outlined the prospects for its further research. It is concluded that the imaginative representations of the concepts of Heaven and Hell  are determined by its cognitive-propositional features: locality, attribution and determinism. In the. The most prominent such associations are represented in the paremiological picture of the world.

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Zakirova Nigora Alimdjanovna. (2022). LINGUISTIC REPRESENTATIONS OF THE CONCEPTS “ HEAVEN” AND “ HELL”. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(1), 940–942. Retrieved from


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