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Madaeva Mutabarkhon Amanullaevna


In this article, a creative heritage of the man of letters -  Alisher Navoi is entailed. The following are mentioned here: his philosophical mastery in description of the positive and negative qualities in humanity, incorporation of his incomparable wisdom into his works that have become an encyclopedia of life, his ability of inseparability of the inner world from the outer world, his emphasis on the view that a person will be stronger and more vehement only with a soul and spiritual upbringing. In this article, with the relevant evidence, an objective opinion was expressed on the interest of European scientists in the scientific heritage of  Navoi.

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Madaeva Mutabarkhon Amanullaevna. (2022). THE HUMAN THEME IN NAVOI’S HERITAGE OF MYSTICISM (SUFISM). Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(1), 708–711. Retrieved from


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