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Bunyod Bazarov


The presence of various translation options is explained by the translator's desire to avoid repetitions, to introduce clarification. In such cases, some semantic components may be derived from the context or omitted; the word may include the meaning of two components of the translated phrase. The question of transformations in translation will always be relevant for linguistics. In addition, there are more and more new construction devices and tools, including foreign-made ones, as well as instructions for them, which creates a need for competent translation. A well-executed translation of construction instructions makes it possible to effectively perform work using the described tool, prevent accidents at work, thereby saving human life and maintaining the authority of the manufacturer.

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Bunyod Bazarov. (2022). LEXICOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF CONSTRUCTION TERMS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 10(7), 274–277. Retrieved from https://internationaljournals.co.in/index.php/giirj/article/view/2420


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