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Lecturer: Mundher Abbas Shaalan


The main purpose of this research is to study the role of sustainable innovation in achieving green core capabilities in garments factory in alnajaf al-ashraf. The study attempted to answer a number of questions, the most important of which is what is the degree of practice of sustainable innovation in the sample factory of the research in the Holy City of Najaf, and to determine the extent to which the relationship and impact of adopting sustainable innovation in achieving green core capabilities in the laboratory research sample in Najaf. Two main hypotheses were tested, each hypothesis included three sub-hypotheses, The research was applied to a sample of (34) individuals from the managers and workers of the researched laboratory in Najaf Al-Ashraf, and the data was analyzed using the SPSS program. The most important findings of the research are that the management of the researched laboratory lacks expenses for sustainable environmental innovation, especially in the field of green spaces, pollution measurement technology, and others, due to the decline in funding resources for the industrial sector, While the study recommended motivating manufacturing organizations in general, through the Ministry of Industry, especially the laboratory under study, to adopt sustainable environmental innovation behaviors as an urgent competitive strategy for our national organizations through funding the industrial sector in this field, in a way that ensures improved sustainability in performance.

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Lecturer: Mundher Abbas Shaalan. (2024). THE IMPACT OF ADOPTING SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION IN ACHIEVING GREEN CORE CAPABILITIES-AN ANALYTICAL STUDY IN GARMENTS FACTORY IN ALNAJAF AL-ASHRAF. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(5), 194–217. Retrieved from


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