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Geselle T. Dela Cruz


This study entitled “Math-Saya Ang Bakasyon: A Remediation Program for students with Mathematics Difficulties” investigated the effectiveness of the remediation program in the level of proficiency in Mathematics of selected incoming students of Grade 10 in Galvan High School, S.Y. 2022 - 2023. The researcher employed experimental pretest-posttest design of research. Using purposive sampling, 34 students were chosen in the said program. Students were classified as students with Mathematics difficulties based on the result of the pre-test given by the researcher with the use of Quizalize application. The study revealed that before the remediation program, students’ level of proficiency in Mathematics was under “Developing” level. After series of Mathematics tutorial classes via Google Meet, the level of proficiency in Mathematics reached the “Approaching Proficiency” after the post-test administration. Moreover, the result of the paired t-test revealed that there is a significant difference between the level of proficiency in Mathematics before and after the remediation program. Thus, “Math-Saya ang Bakasyon” was effective remediation program in increasing the level of proficiency in Mathematics. Based on the positive effect of the remediation program, the researcher decided to continue this kind of program to improve and enhance the student’ level of proficiency in Mathematics.

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Geselle T. Dela Cruz. (2024). MATH-SAYA ANG BAKASYON: A REMEDIATION PROGRAM FOR STUDENTS WITH MATHEMATICS DIFFICULTIES. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 12(3), 428–437. Retrieved from


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