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Assistant Prof. Dr. Ali Hameed Ali AlZubaidi


The research was conducted on a sample of twenty players from Najaf Sports Club. The program was implemented on the research sample for a period of time in order to identify the impact of plyometric exercises and their relationship to the performance of the firewall in volleyball. The study's objectives included developing plyometric exercises for the research sample to increase their muscular endurance in the legs and determining the effect of these exercises. (12) weeks, and following the program's conclusion, the data was gathered and unloaded in order to prepare for the study's findings. These findings indicate that plyometric training has a positive impact on the growth of leg muscle endurance, and the researcher stresses the significance of utilizing plyometric exercises to improve the performance of the firewall skill in volleyball.

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Assistant Prof. Dr. Ali Hameed Ali AlZubaidi. (2023). THE IMPACT OF PLYOMETRIC EXERCISE ON BUILDING LEG MUSCULAR ENDURANCE AND EXECUTING THE FIREWALL VOLLEYBALL SKILL. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 11(11), 301–308. Retrieved from


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