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Xabibulloyeva Gulchehra Komiljonovna


In this article, it is the idea of continuing education in English rather than in Uzbek as a new innovation. The relevance of the article lies in the fact that special emphasis is placed on the ability of children to speak from language skills during the lesson. It is advisable to try this new change first in Presidential or specialized schools as a first experiment. It may be difficult to teach children communication and technical tools related to science in English at first, but after a while they will remember lexemes (of course, if they do not understand, it is better to use their mother tongue). As a result, they gain self-confidence through language imitation methods, and also increase their vocabulary with the help of communicative language teaching methods. Below, the article explains how to continue this innovation in the classroom using English and a list of science terms.

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Xabibulloyeva Gulchehra Komiljonovna. (2023). IMPORTANCE OF TEACHING TECHNOLOGY SUBJECTS IN ENGLISH. Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 11(5), 145–147. Retrieved from


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